Our Philosophy

»Wear fashion and they remember the fashion —
wear PRIVATSACHEN and they remember you.«

At cocon commerz PRIVATSACHEN we don’t make fashion, we make clothes. And we have done so for 36 years now. For more than 35 years we have consistently been relying on natural fabrics and environmentally and ethically sustainable production channels. We are pioneers of the textile industry. The central theme of our work lies in the deceleration of fashion, the cultural values of fashion and our responsibilities in this respect. True to our motto – everything remains different – we keep reinventing ourselves.

The Design

»My daily challenge is to design sophisticated, wearable and inimitably dyed clothing with real quality and essential functionality, which women can wear for any occasion. Naturally avant-garde clothing, inspired by the spirit of its manufacturers and wearers for over 35 years. There is also a constantly refreshing capsule collection comprising various unusual pieces, which are modern and timeless at the same time. True clothing art in precisely crafted cuts, our own colour formulas and representative values, with infinite options for combining, linking the past and the present.« — Connyie Rethmann

The Materials

Each collection is crafted using PRIVATSACHEN’s own textures and fabrics, including prewashed silk, wool, cottons, linen, Tencel, ramie, viscose mixes and all kinds of eco-friendly blends. Materials that are breathable, materials that are easy to wear and care for. These quality fabrics can never be recreated because they are limited editions of deadstock materials.

The Dyeing Process

Our garment dyeing process in more than 100 of PRIVATSACHEN’s own colour recipes is an extensive mix of washing and shrinking laundry and dyeing, which makes every garment unique and leaves that vintage PRIVATSACHEN touch. This natural aged look has been handdyed by artisanal designers in Hamburg using traditional dyeing techniques since 1984.

The Work

PRIVATSACHEN believes in clothes made with heart and soul instead of sweat and tears. We celebrate manual craftsmanship. Our garments are manufactured with the labour of love and great attention. We work as a small family business with experienced employees and longterm relationships with all our manufacturers, producers and partners. We sell handmade, hand-pleated, hand-ironed, hand- laundered, hand-sewn, handstitched and hand-dyed garments, and the subtle variations of manual craftsmanship are an integral part of the DNA of PRIVATSACHEN.


Limited editions + deadstock materials + upcycling + recycling + seasonless + biodegradable + respect for the beauty and power of nature + consciously produced + where ethics meet aesthetics + lifelong garment + it’s our nature to make natural garments + no cheap labour from far-flung countries + we value quality over quantity + making consumption small but beautiful and taking responsibility for what you wear.