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... in the collection stilblühtextil botanicals s/s 2023 I celebrate the female textile soul and her innate connection with nature through the use of botanical elements,,,, hand dyeing in plant colors and the so diverse poetry of these natural beauties.....

...the plants are guiding us to a brighter level of consciousness in alignment with nature and the truth who we are ….connecting to plants through our heart and textile soul we can perceive all energetic patterns that connect them to all of life....

Connyie Rethmann

Mischwesen - a/w 2022

the way we dress is an integral part of our identity and manner…

…it is a primal urge of humanity to surround itself with beauty and beautiful things…every culture, society, and group has their own dress code…those dress codes provide the framework but the styling is up to the individual…

… we express our personality…mirror others… the daily act of getting dressed is not only an ever-recurring act of loving styling…but also a way to see and be seen…

Since 1984, PRIVATSACHEN offers clothes that leave space for the wearer’s own creativity…feminine oversized silhouettes made from honest, hand-dyed materials…unique accessories to express your own exquisite sense of mixing and matching possibilities…

Connyie Rethmann

Check A-Z - s/s 2022

PRIVATSACHEN has no consumers ..... 
PRIVATSACHEN has a very sustainable fan base ..... 
a fan base  who,,, after this long time of the dress diet and the lack of inspiring encounters with you - our wonderful shopkeepers - rightly want to satisfy their hunger for new durable and long-lasting clothes.....
a fan base who shop specifically and carefully consider their purchases ,,,
a fan base who  identify with the values and the attitude of their PRIVATSACHEN items…..
a fan base who definitely dress for themselves in PRIVATSACHEN than for others …

For over 37 years PRIVATSACHEN has valued sustainability transparency and diversity … and yet … even if the fans of PRIVATSACHEN wear their durable long-lasting clothes as long as possible and we... as producers... always try to do everything right and better … when PRIVATSACHEN are being produced,,, complete sustainability is impossible … because the moment we add a new outfit to the environment it is no longer sustainable … it has consumed materials …human ingenuity … energy and time,,,, and only if we hold ourselves to account daily in order to improve,,,, can we be PRIVATSACHEN … and believe that every one of our dresses makes a difference …


WEAReTOGETHER VERHALTENSMUSTER - Urteile und Vorurteile - a/w 2021


….at a time when many are being questioned that were believed were safe. I ask myself questions and i ask myself my own questions…

I observe human, all too human, contextual things… I OBSERVE MYSELF…. This collection is the result of the COVID 19 pandemic-period that will change the world in profound ways…

So at the head point of this collection i’ve asked all of the questions that i think hold us together as a society….


In these times i design with a love and protective instinct for my very demanding customers with extremely protective layerings, luxurious finishes, trend-setting layers and exquisite materials.

Smart sustainable garments for self-confident woman that work effortlessly with older collection pieces. Something that stays in my wardrobe forever and without an explicit invitation to the opposite gender - just for me. Relationship garments that prefer to keep their distance at the moment.


Read on (PDF)

Connyie Rethmann

Fairmentation - Evergreens that taste like Love - s/s 2021


Fer|men|ta|ti|on, Fermentation is the process by which a microorganism
converts sugar to another substance in the absence of oxygen.

For centuries, fermentation has been used to turn fruit and vegetables into pickle, wine or spirits without chemicals or complicated technology, developing delicious tastes in the process. Fermentation provides a way to preserve the goodness of the natural harvest –
and to design clothing. Clothes!? Yes!

Follow us and explore the culinary inspirations of PRIVATSACHEN...
I have always loved to prepare food, and in my early years, I was always looking for new ingredients. I translated this process into designing the original clothing range that we now call PRIVATSACHEN–Archive. But clothing is like food for me and I am constantly working to improve my vision of fashion, creating dresses that feel good because of the way they are made, enjoying the metamorphosis of fabrics while preserving favourite cuts. Preparing food showed me how to work with nature and understand what it can do if you only let it. Give and take are natural processes, and fermentation produces
a magical transformation.

PRIVATSACHEN clothes are created with care and love, hand-crafted without
a recipe or formula, or a bland set of rules – just a hunger for unexpected new cuts and colours. With every new collection I bring my imagination and the important ingredients together
and wait patiently to see what will happen... what does your own nature do if you just let it? This is something I call ‘the art of green asking’. Most of my clothes evolve this way.
My design and the inimitable taste of PRIVATSACHEN drive the process of fermentation, working with ingredients that include my dedicated team, and the incredible number of sub-decisions that go into creating every new dress. Our common goal is always to sustain the values of the past and enjoy new discoveries that take them forward in intriguing new ways.

It is particularly important to us that each new PRIVATSACHEN collection evolves
from our earlier ones, harmonising with previous styles but always bringing out fresh nuances. Fairmentation is a blend of old and new, something familiar and something completely original, always preserving the ethical diversity that drives PRIVATSACHEN. The new collection o ers a fresh way to create a unique look, as the process of ‘fermentation’ produces an organic evolution of PRIVATSACHEN. Our matching cuts and the comfortable, easy t of our dresses provide myriad ways to combine new pieces with styles from our older collections, again and again.

PRIVATSACHEN is known for the softness and wonderful texture of our own fabric designs — always created by selecting natural bres – the exclusivity of our limited editions, the inimitable re nement of handmade production, and our incomparable colours and patterns. Everything is connected with everything...

Yesterday we were green, today we are evergreen – with clothes that take you on a textile/culinary journey to the childhood bliss of sensual experiences and tastes...

CLOTHES EXPRESS A WAY OF LIFE You are what you eat.

Artenschutz - autumn/ winter 2020


PRIVATSACHEN’s WINTER 2020 collection ›ARTENSCHUTZ‹ is dedicated to the diversity of all living things ... humans, animals, and plants ... ARTENSCHUTZ is german for ›Preserving Endangered Species‹, which means accepting our responsibility to sustain a fragile world ... once, it seemed that human beings had the ability to progress without concern for the environment, but in doing so, we lost our awareness of our part in the connections that sustain the natural world, and our responsibility to maintain its balance ... more and more people are waking up to the problem and wanting to do something positive ... we are only a part of the wider creation: the natural world does not need us, but we need the natural world ... 

think big, act small — but now — is the motto of PRIVATSACHEN ... 

we have to be optimistic and act positively as much as we can — because what’s the alternative?


PermaEcoture — Beautiful by nature - s/s 2020


PermaEcoture – that‘s the name of our concept, which for 35 years has enabled us to create with passion and love PRIVATSACHEN garments of permanent, natural design and creation processes for women‘s clothing. We overcome conventional patterns of thinking and seek positive and creative solutions every day. The basic principle is an ecologically, economically and socially acceptable economy with all resources. For us, PermaEcoture means to learn from nature and incorporate its structures and patterns into our own planning. We try to use what is there and the big picture, with the cooperation of all our employees in their different functions to pay attention to form a stable system. Our products are free from carelessness, inertia and waste, arrogance, arrogance and neglect of resources.


PRIVATSACHEN – handmade artpieces from hamburg, made to last

Elements of life - autumn/ winter 2019



As every flower wilts and youth gives way to age, so unfolds every phase, all the wisdom and virtue when it so does - and know that none lasts forever. With every call of life, the heart must be ready to part and start again, in courage and joy, surrendering to new, otherly liasons, as in the core of every beginning lives magic. Magic that protects us and helps us live.

We are to stride along spaces, joyously, clinging to none as thought it was home - the world soul does not seek to fetter and confine us; phase after phase it wants to elevate and expand us. Slumber grows threatening as soon as we, immersed in coziness, become used to a cycle in our lives - Only those ready to part, depart may rid themselves of paralyzing habits.

Perhaps, as the call of life in us finds no end, at the hour of our death we are still to be faced with novel spaces. walk on then, be off, be well!, oh sweet heart of ours.


Hermann Hesse (1877-1962), 1941

Silent spring - spring/ summer 2019

Human beings lost the abilty to look ahead and to prevent. They will destroy the earth on the end.

The human being does not stand as a unique and special creature on the edge of the nature, but only is part of the ecosystem. As in nature the balance is of absolute importance, the same way it is important to me to keep the balance between poetry and strenght and between form and space in my designs. But the most important is respect for mother nature herself. Today the nature is not more part of the consumer culture. Nature as purpose of the endless morbid economical upturn. Just market effect instead of real affinity with nature.

The title `Silent spring` of the spring-summer 2019 collection deals with the eco-desaster of our time. Here especially with the wonderful winged creatures, the insects. We will no longer exist once the insects are gone.

Can not all the plant protection products and other poison dissappear from our fields? Flies, mosquitos and beetles should not be concidered as disruptive any longer. PRIVATSACHEN put emboidery on the fabrics to give them a habitat.

The PRIVATSACHEN customer decides every day newly about how she wants to live her life, with PRIVATSACHEN that suits her. She is emancipated and close to nature. As consumers we are not as helpless and powerless as we believe. Every purchase changes a piece of our wonderful world.

To refrain from something is really easy and therefore to take responsibility for the world and thus for all our lifes.


Waldwinter - autumn/ winter 2018


This collection pays homage to the forest.The surface, colours and shapes are inspired by the mysterious universe of the forest. Walden.


Leave a broad border on your lives

leave an open seam for your souls

leave a free zickzack seam in your minds

leave free design on your lifes fabrics

leave airy width in narrow life parts

be ahead of lifes dresses

be the straightener of your lifes incisions

order loads of fabric of strangerness

retailor your life everyday.

Collage art – clothing portraits - s/s 2018

“Every day, I look for the very own of dressing. I collect, save and process all what I see and search for the link to this very special moment when all this blends into a new idea.”


ART TO DYE FOR - autumn/ winter 2017

 “Wear fashion and they remember the fashion – wear PRIVATSACHEN and they remember YOU” 

The topic of Oversize has finally arrived on the fashion scene.

The design concept by Hamburg designer Connyie Rethmann consists of leaving space between the body and fabric – not as a gap but as part of the wearing experience and as an alternative concept to the high fashion provided by global players. Conquering this space, being liberated from self-imposed limits and styles – that is what PRIVATSACHEN stands for: sensuous with sense, sublime in reality and playful in its own physicality.


Dress finesse - spring/ summer 2017


„My dresses should say more about the wearer than the designer.“

Know you`re wearing something truly special.

Quality over quantity...

Ausziehen - autumn/ winter 2016


Like a good respectable home my designs are garments for a lifetime.

Any dress I design should be a aimed at the individual, and clothes should reflect a lifestyle instead of being a uniform. With every garment I create, I aim to affirm to you what is important to me. The unique idea, the care that went into selecting the fabric, the dedication that went into each stage of production, the high level of quality throughout and the passion for the work. Because you wouldn't want to leave your style to someone who didn't care this much. Dress is a private matter…PRIVATSACHEN is home! I want to make clothes in which my customers live, clothes that go everywhere with them. My clothes should be for taking home, my customers should never want to take them off. Garments that are perfect in every way for yourself. Clothes in which you the wearer always feels good and so you also look good to others. Clothes in which first of all you always like yourself.

FASHION APOSTLE - spring/ summer 2016

It’s better to dress in style with no one to see than to dress without style for everyone to see!


Get the new ageless look with the new clothes in the summer collection 2016 FASHION APOSTLE.

Think yourself younger and simply break free from getting older.

Take the time to pick out what’s right for your body, taste and style – don’t just follow the trends.

Consciously enjoy your choice, and enjoy wearing what you choose.

Curate your closet and know what you’re doing.

Know what you like to wisely spend your money on.

It’s never too late to realise just what a wonderful life you want to lead and the clothes you want to do it in.

Grow older in style in your own design.

Confidently follow your style!



Time and again, I have a great longing for the deep blue towelling pyjamas that I wore as a child.

There are clothes that you never forget and that you just love... Can I create... clothing full of emotion? Can I design my clothes for you in such a way that they generate profound emotions from the first encounter... that they sweep you off your feet when you wear them? Can you have small thoughts in clothes that are too big? Can I create striped clothes in which you never have narrow-minded thoughts? Can I give you clothes in which you simply want to dance forever with happiness? Clothes that create devotion, which allow you to love yourself? Protective clothes in which no power can push you around? Miracle clothes in which you learn to marvel again? Clothes of knowledge in which you want to go out and play? In my work on your clothes, I am reborn time and again... 

I want to keep trying!

Be outrageous – desire the impossible! - s/s 2015


I measure you up – you get what you desire.

My clothes are not for everyone. My clothes are just for you.

My inspiration: the echo of my abundant childhood dreams, reams of childhood patterns, immeasurably clear cuts without compromise and a past captured in fabrics that seemed lost forever. 



A trip into the blue.

Hunger for clothing? Dinner is served! - a/w 2014


Not only each single garment – the whole collection – follows EACH TIME A NEW distinct recipe of the textile cockayne... SELF CONCEIVED REGARDED... the delicate grammar of the design lies in the composition... the translation from the 2nd in the 3rd dimensionality...

Each time anew, I dismantle my previous designs into the nutrients elements of taste and fragments and dress them entirely new:

My garments have few but strong aromas.

My garments are a matter of taste.

My garments do not know any tradition.

My garments are complicated simple.

My garments go with them too far.

My garments are always freshly dressed.


While working on my garments I re-emerge again and again...

URBAN MIMIKRY - spring/ summer 2014


Our being’s only concern is to thrive to be noticed (or just be)... to be accepted, to be taken seriously, to be perceived. I as an animated being under the dictatorship of today’s fashion, embrace shape, colour and attitude of the enforced Zeitgeist until I am as individual as all the rest. One has to be original in an environment where every possible putative originality already exists... Is there an escape or a textile immobility? 

The cuts of my collection “Urban Mimikry” are not concerned about the dictatorship of fashion, they are meant for the space between the garment and the woman wearing it. They are meant for women who like to take up a lot of space - always on the lookout for the one special garment that recounts of the woman’s desire to express personality.

„Copy and Paste“ - autumn/ winter 2013


The collection “Copy and Paste” came about by using the means and the art of mimicry to transform cocon favorites into completely new garments. Garments in the rhythm of light - a process that exceeds pure copying. 

I copy successful garments of my textile history of almost 30 years, using my rich experience in the field in the process. 

My focus is on absolute wear-ability and the long-term effect of every single one of my outfits. I follow up on every success of the respective attire, optimizing the design according to my experience and adding contemporary details.

about masses and measures - „when consumption becomes duty“- s/s 2013


humans are born wasters: mountains of clothing in our wardrobes. "the goal is to get up the mountain, but I do not see the top." It is no secret that today's consumer habits
are not sustainable. and it's no surprise that the fashion has one of the highest shares. mass production has become so excessive that it is far in excess. "you can shop off the beaten track." in reality, we are all subject to the amusement without lasting values and are committed to pure excessive growth. we measure our value daily through consumption. consumption as a world religion! from now on, meaning is only shared!

PRIVATSACHEN are clothes that you wear if you wear it!

genetic material - a/w 2012

wash, dry, iron, patch and appreciate!

don't ask what your dress can do for you - ask what you can do for your dress ... what keeps the world going is consuming and owning ... ... and my time here is finally ... ... I'm not giving away a lifetime anymore to buy clothes that do not mean me ... if you make something too available, it is quickly worthless ... put on your stuff ... and take care ... it was a great achievement to spread democratic mass clothing, but it would be even bigger not to have done it ... not a more of clothes but a better of clothes ... meaningful dresses instead of sham dresses ... my dresses should look like now and recently ... a designer has to respect his ideas at any time ... we have to do something otherwise it does not take place ... I am homesick for the green future ... away from the market back to moral !!!

fitting in - spring/ summer 2012

dialogue with my dress ....

"I won't buy that from you"
"I fit!"
"Fit for everyone ..? ... adapted to all figures?
"that suits me....!!!"
“I always make sure that I fit in
and that it suits me and
we fit together
- that would really suit me ... "
"Something always fits!"

Girl in uniform - a/w 2011

a dressmaker must have a healthy immune system, accurate weather and permanent contact with the zeitgeist.

fashion is not limited to clothing, but embraces the whole person. i'm the fashion myself in relation to the community i want to belong to and the time i belong to.

conviction- spring/summer 2011


replacing monologuedresses with dialoguedresses


“creativity is 90% decisions and 10% freedom” 

again and again, we have to make decisions . and explain substantiate them . counter critical questions emotional resistance . we integrate rational resistance and results-oriented criticism . we differentiate argue exert pressure distinguish . between objections and excuses separate tactics . from authenticity clarity from waffle . and we motivate instead of manipulating . we do not try to talk things down . talk at people and people over. 

we convince, and we want our clothes to be convincing - that is our idea of intelligent management and creativity.

Cocooned – the red string - a/w 2010


the sometimes radical concept proves to be a constant challenge in everyday life
culture clothes from the washing machine
successes thanks to failures
I am we - you are me!
I never wanted to be a brand - just make clothes that fit you
I have never been interested in how things were always done - just how and whether they now work
did I want to be what I am - or how do you become a mummy artist in egypt?
Who will tell this story now?
Listen to the zeitgeist like the heartbeat of a bird?
What you don't see is not there ...
think for yourself - instead of being guided

the women of the yanomani traditionally wear only a thin red thread around their belly that hides nothing
- if the thread is gone, the women react with shame

home-made core business - s/s 2010


the human beeing has a surface and it`s important to design it

I became a dressmaker before I knew it

at the beginning the dress was a private matter without end

is the apple ripe when the seeds are nice black and does the tree know first?

do i want to be the prisoner of my own strategy and is less empty?

does everything always have to look young and radiant and can't I age in dignity together with my things?

Grobcouture - the golden craft - a/w 2009

warning! these clothes could change your life! 

a crucial part of the value of each product is knowing where and by whom it was made – knowing there’s an individual behind each item!

I will only have my name sewn into a dress I know has substance and will last – a dress that is a symbol of a living identity 

with my work, I want to be the accomplice of the women who wear my designs in their designs for living

I want my customers to make a conscious decision to buy my clothes

DNA - spring/ summer 2009

The small parts of creation - how is our collection created?

For 25 years each of our clothes (fabric cells) has been a self-contained, self-reliant, fashion-independent product. It can communicate and perform various other helpful functions and can be used for years. It increases the energy metabolism of the wearer and supports the respective metabolic requirement in an attractive and sustainable manner.

All types of our material cells have all the genetic information of the passion of their manufacturers. There are two basic types of fabric cell manufacturers on earth: Prochaotic cells, which are manufactured with a real love for the fabric cell, and Eurochaotic manufacturers, which work for profit and return. Each of our material cells is surrounded by a layer of environmental protection material that contains the genetic information for contemporary development. Each of the additional material cells that are created serves as a matrix for the next new material cell. No fabric cell is like the next.


25 years PRIVATSACHEN - 2009


The originals - "we put our cuts under protection of species"

The bestsellers from 25 years PRIVATSACHEN

what is good does not grow old - 50 timeless dresses with no expiry date

free spirits = free enterprise - a/w 2008


"My goal is the perfect garment made of fabrics that life is made of."

"I want my clothes to go under the surface of my own body."

Our winter 2008/9 collection "free spirits = free enterprise" is dedicated to retail. We thank the caring heroes of the retail trade for their decent individual spirit:

How is the company philosophy "PRIVATSACHEN = valuables" transferred from design to life? In response to this question, the collection developed into an inventory of the company structure - from sales to retail to the end customer. For an idea to attract a lot of people, it needs a vision. PRIVATSACHEN are as individual as the people who deal with it, so the success of the collection is in the hands of the individual. People who follow their own vision with their free enterprise.

Where's the interface? PRIVATSACHEN attracts culture people. For them clothing is also a question of attitude, reflecting the worldview and the aesthetic spirit. Cocon Commerz wants to promote this spirit even more in the future in order to strengthen the diversity and courage of individuals to act against the mainstream. The winter collection "free spirits = free enterprise" therefore focuses on its own strengths: refined quality silk in perfected one-size cuts. Pleated, dyed and quilted by hand, PRIVATSACHEN are as unique as their wearers:

High culture dresses for women who can't afford cheap!

Devining the goddress - spring/summer 2008


Ancient goddesses from all cultures were the starting point for research on the topic of the Trinity. In times of battle of beliefs and crises of faith, designer Connyie Rethmann wondered what is sacred to her. She subjected her beliefs to a critical examination and found that she always followed her own intuition in the first place. Democratic sizes, ecological production processes and materials, high-quality handwork and limited editions are not a fad at cocon.commerz, but a textile statement. Thus, the knowledge of these qualities is recognized as a matter of faith and from summer 2008 it will be named with the three new lines  „JA, ich will“, „Biograviel“ and „ur-Teile und vorur-Teile made in Hamburg“.

The collection

The history of creation of the 2008 summer collection: Archaic representations of goddesses such as the Egyptian “godmother” Isis, the first linen weaver, are inspiration and template. Woven in bi-color jacquard or as a precious cut-off, the female gods dance over the fabrics made from natural materials such as Chinese net silk and organic cotton, specially designed for these “matters of belief and superstition”. Pleated taffeta and gauzy chiffon silk, silk and bamboo single jerseys and shiny pure linen in Oeko-Tex quality are combined. The circle closes with the cuts: Round female shapes are flattered with egg, balloon and A-lines. As a style element, three folds are formed on numerous parts of the collection. Valuable double-face qualities stand for the changeability with which the ancient goddesses could change their outward appearance as desired. Light summer coats can be turned, jodpuhr trousers can be turned into bolero jackets and light summer dresses can be turned into flowing skirts. Twisted strips of fabric also turn the innermost to the outside. These metamorphoses emphasize the do-it-yourself character that has always been a part of the PRIVATSACHEN collections and place the customer at the center of the diverse one-size cuts (size 36 to size 46). As the fourth element, the designer designed an effect that creates an A-line without being laid out in the basic cut. Nothing seems like it is in the realm of the goddesses.


Musterhafte Lebensabschnittkleider - a/w 2007


HELP ! I don`t have anything to wear ... or: how many clothes can one woman wear at a time?

the textile paradise! ... mountains of clothes! ... sewn-knitted layers of clothing! ... short, wild change of clothes! ... textile onenightdaystands! ... taste dictates ... unfair fashion ... overfilled wardrobes ... unrestrained textile completeness ... ?

Can a woman live with only one dress? and if so, in which two-way relationship? The old dress has gone away, the new one has not grown again ...?

Our dresses again want to dress / accompany unique women's lives ... as a fixed relationship, the butter-soft silk pleated robe or the open, warm velvet knit coat ... hang with lovingly hand-knitted silk ribbon sweaters made in Germany - or endlessly long scarves ... fall in love with baroque-dramatic roll patterns burnt-out but skillfully embroidered silkvelvet ...  trusty durable jerseys choose for protection - shimmering matt for years in constant quality ... dressing up with clothes that look as if they had an exciting past ... in shades hand-dyed in hamburg ... inside and outside nicky soft silkvelvet gives women that approved textile feeling of home ... fabric companion according to feminine taste! silk sense for high-spirited togetherness! feminine fabric cascade for self-confident textile women who always remain their own creatures ... dressed by PRIVATSACHEN 

MissMatches - spring/ summer 2007

The summer pre-order collection is the result of intensive research into the customers, their shopping behavior and their way of wearing cocon.commerz PRIVATSACHEN. These women are diverse and successfully different, they break through the superficiality of the fashionable shell and convey behavioral patterns to the outside. But a certain ambivalence is the price for a life design beyond the norm. The result of the "MissMatches" are dresses without compromise, perforated in numerous variations that let the inside shine outside.

The collection: The essence of the 2007 pre-order collection is a dressy soul striptease that picks up on the fabrics of the nostalgic lingerie look. Hole pattern optics in rough wild silk yarn, the finest silk jersey and even embroidered all around in silkvelvet are the link that unites the different clothing shapes in all layers.

The cuts are borrowed from the good old days, like the smoking cut, evening dresses from the 40s and androgynous hangers from the 20s. For this purpose, “wallpaper patterns” on solid tapestry silk in tone and papersilk are combined pure and wrinkled. The fine art of paper yarn is knitted very gently into cuddly, crackling sweaters.

The 2007 "MissMatches" put the customer at the center of attention, as usual she combines the diverse onesize cuts (size 36 to size 46) in freestyle and is integrated into the creative process by the clever reversible clothing and closure options.

The hand-dyed color palette ranges from the “sisters of white” to gray-colored animal fur and iridescent colors to deep black nougat.

Das Bindegewebe - autumn/ winter 2006

Organ of the structure - textile delivery aid for delicate rebirths

Delicatextilies - Preorder winter 2006/7

fabrics: mirror-velvet · silkvelvet · soft-velvet · velvety soft · velvet splendor · delicious silkvelvet · soft-flowing · quilted silkvelvet-quilt · appetizing embroidery-bonded · with light silk-lining · long-furry · silkvelvet scraper · casual loving · quilted with unusual seams · delicate velvet dolls hand in hand on silkvelvet · self-textile · dimensions silk-bounded · limited reliable knitted cotton support fabric for lots of textile home and unlimited sizes · casually opulent stitches knitted, hooked, familiar threaded

Cuts: we put our cuts on the endangered species list · textile birth aid for delicate rebirths · the new dress culture against all the decorations and against experience-oriented fans of takeaway dresses · plentiful fabric meals · vital space instead of stingy snacks · onesize fit · Wrinkles/plisses instead of aging worries · nerve costumes · relationship fabrics

Enjoy your meal and sew you again

Originale - autumn/ winter 2006


The originals - "we put our cuts on the endangered species list"

The PRIVATSACHEN bestsellers from 20 years of cocon.commerz will be presented in a separate line from winter 2006/07 on. They became classics already in their lifetime - and thus reflect the PRIVATSACHEN self-image of a timeless fashion without an expiry date; plain and simple and refined.

The future belongs to high-quality favorite pieces - they are the antipole to the group of experience-oriented takeaway dresses.



Kleiderstärke - spring/ summer 2006

... then dresses show what we think!

contradiction desired or THE EXAMPLE ON THE CLOTHES CABINET... "today we go out! ..." says the summer dress... "are you missing something?..." asks the linen coat ... PRIVATSACHEN ... the new collection of the specialists for dress language shows tiny gray children's flowers on delicate silk chiffon - for pattern recognizers ... vital creases made from starched silk - for individual mobility ... smocked crepe silk for the precious details of the partially orphans ... character-proof silk-rib - for your I - the only reliable instance ... and hand-crocheted artpieces for conscious enjoyment ... summer 2006 - pure active luxury!

Kleiderinnenleben - autumn/ winter 2005


20 years PRIVATSACHEN ... 20 great women ... great achievements ... great feelings

Women in male domains and fabrics with feeling:

Men's suit patterns such as Glencheck or pinstripes are woven into silk or quilted on cotton-lined silkquilts, knitted in wool or printed on taffeta silk.


Women from all eras = historical cut thefts implemented in a modern way

Women always ahead of their time = neoprivate dress forms

Women who dared something = traditional costumes daringly cut and divided

Women with fine success = fabrics that seem delicate but are very robust

Women who were tall = you have the size for our dresses

ein Fühlungsvermögen - spring/ summer 2005

Nature! Nature! Nature!

Plucking in strong colours and new cut / cool delicate Egyptian cotton / knitted rope with a view / Cross Stitch on Sixties Cotton Crinkle / protecting Double fabric / summer quilt soft falling in strict looks / double dresses which offer everything, with silk ribbon knitting and a beautiful new, pure wrinkles linen .....

Cuts reminiscent of the '50s from the far ' as a basis winding- and lace-effects as closure idea buckles and black buttons as a line the A and plate cuts long waists high passe flood pants and apron parts, shoulder jacket, skirts with straps in pleated skirt look.

Detaillen - autumn/ winter 2004


cutting assembly & layer pictures

Structures woven from knowledge, from Experiences knitted textures

Nothing difficult, nothing complicated, easy to carry, easy to maintain: - a new generation of quilt presents itself in the upcoming winter preorder 2004/05. Two layers of different silks filled with recycled cotton and quilted with patterns of old atlantic blue wallpaper - roughened surfaces as well as the shaggy but very soft feel of the felted wool in shaggy jacquard pattern - delicate winter quilt also with cotton core but with barbed wire embroidery - a complete novelty of the sophisticated winter - silk moleskin - also the refined protein double tissue, dry to the touch of vegetable protein, so never seen on the fabric market - even more advanced are the developments of the well-known Plissées (the company has been a leader in the production and dyeing of handplissées); these are convincing in the collection with durability, new colors and materials. 

All models are carefully finished in Germany in hand dyeing and by washing effects, which makes each piece unique. All these precious fabrics are boldly combined with simple cotton elastic cuffs and large metal press buttons as a closure solution - Sensation of the clothing message. 

Our clothes are ambassadors of security in XXL!

Eintrachten & Zwietrachten - spring/ summer 2004


The dress as a textile homeland, the cuts borrowed from all people's homes: Ethnic loans flowed into the design of the pattern of the fabrics and in the lines. But also the self-imposed uniforms of the protest culture of 60 / 70s found entrance.

The Black Forest Girl with Empire Dirndl and Apron elements in the costume was inspiration as well as the turkish knight with the
typical balloon pants to straight short cotton shirts or Indian men's clothing with preferably long, straight tunics and pure vestments of antiquity. Plissée, as well as extra short, wide silk jackets but also in contrast the self-chosen costumes of the youth of the 70's like parka, sweatshirt and long, wide men's shirts and of course the headscarf, the women's work costume.

Shadow play and silhouette - autumn/ winter 2003


Our PRIVATSACHEN winter collection 2003/04 'Shadow play & silhouette' sets on the top cloth: softly falling silk-velvet in feminine, body-sweeping expanse, Velvet-stretch for the bodyhugging line, feathery silk, sometimes lined sometimes pure in generous cut, specially created linen fabrics 'linen art' with exciting 'shrinking effects' and partly strikingly patterned lining materials.

The emphasis of the collection lies in the fabric structures, the shadow plays more lively surfaces: classy wrinkles, felt and
shrinkage effects. Together with the chosen greymélange in wolf, donkey and coal tones, combined with heart-red, copper and pepperoni is created a rural, nordic-looking appearance more original femininity. Shadow play and silhouette, decisiveness and romance, whichever priority you put is 'Privatsache'.

See and listen, learn the charming clothes language of these extraordinary collections.

Revelations - spring/ summer 2003


Our extraordinary style is established beyond fashion. In every single part of the collection is a piece of soul of the company Cocon Commerz. We work very private. Pieces of cloth for personalities. We respect beauty in all its forms and do not work for the disenchanted ideal of our modern society, but for the nonconformist self. That's exactly how we work. Very private for you. Affectionate handling of the finest materials and good craftsmanship produce generous elegance and simplicity. Our clothes are retreat for body + soul. One should not overfeed the self. Only this is perceived as private, which is deep, genuine and independent.

Our in-house fabric designs on the subject of 'language' are masterfully transferred to very sophisticated one-size cuts in the Summer Preorder 2003. Linen apparel in Deauville look can be used on all occasions, and the fabrics, dresses and combinations are like a unique love story: soft but definite.
The materials flow seamlessly in cross-stitched look, burned out or in heavy lines with mattress strips and YES- prints (german: JA) on ultra-fine Georgette silk. In addition, the finest quilting reminiscent of French hotel quilts. The colours are, as always, all house blends and adapted to all types of women. 

See and listen, learn the charming clothes language of these extraordinary collections.

Additives - autumn/ winter 2002


nothing will become a luxury ...

Additionally timeless cooking wool for english landed gentry + additional joy + loose wool fabric for grandmas dresses we loved +
additional love light fleece + additional meaningful horn buttons + additional health embroidered combed yarn for bourgeois almöhilook in cord + additional child confidence silk lurex knit for taking live in charlestonstrick ...

restrained modesty cuts instead of overflowing glamour

Heart patternmaker - spring/ summer 2002


I spy with my little eye something you don´t ...

mademoiselle garconne, the suit wins new friends and the post-war dresses are back + menswear processing + old-fashioned armholes + lapel behavior contra revier behavior ... who has style creates distance - inside matter of opinion, inside madness, outside wellness + being fed with love is what it is not used to ... cut first steps ... because I spy something that you don`t. 

on average better!

Matter of taste - autumn/ winter 2001


what you eat is not what you fear; it is generally worse ...

what you see is not fashion, it is generally instinct led by taste ...

We dish up soft sweet silk-velvet, crisp, fresh silk-quilts, loose bitter silk-laces, sharp, fine silk-jerseys, casual, salty silk-cords

= for the day and evening meal for the friend of textile treats

Character laundry - spring/ summer 2001


not everyone has to like my clothes, not even many, but some have to like it a lot and they will never get lost in the shuffle.

Side effects - autumn/ winter 2000


... fabric + knit fabric + cloth + stuff

... unique from the petticoats of the Queen of Saba, let yourself be enchanted!

... and I cut miracle robes of desire for you - from the look of the heart!

Cuts were created from the infinite nothing of a great passion. All moments dressed full of lust! Come with a beating heart to the cradle of textile pieces! A finger dress from the ringlet of a mermaid lost long ago and found here again ...

We carefully exchange festivity-dresses with your enthusiasm carefully stored in tissue paper!

Attractants - spring/ summer 2000


who do you want to dress: you or her/him ???

pygmalion at cocon commerz

Woman moved cuts for individualists. felted fabrics - matted love. crashed silks crashed - self-image. lush silken knits for curvy women-wishes. cast off for free women.

Dressings - 1999


Without DRESSING clothes are - well, just plain only blue yellow red green stuff! The right dressing however - whether mild, spicy, creamy liquid or CRISP - makes  an attractive, UNIQUE healthy main meal textile out of fabric or cuts. Created with lots of passion, heart and understanding. INDIVIDUAL for you, dear customer, textiles with and for each other.

Cold sauces in the German kitchen are called dressing. A dressing is mainly added to the salad, but can also be used as a dip for 'fingerfood'. The best-known dressings are the 'French Dressing' or the 'Italian Dressing'. The 'French Dressing' consists of vinegar, oil, pepper, salt and (Dijon) mustard. The 'Italian Dressing' is prepared with gorgonzola, milk, pepper and salt.

Self-lines - autumn/ winter 1998


The self determines the line of PRIVATSACHEN. Whatever your own body may be,  the garment is the ticket in the theater of daily self-appearances for or against us. Because Beauty became obligatory. The social function of clothing is getting stronger. That's why it get`s more important, to live consistent with the self-lines. We think, making clothes is not just creative work, but a necessity. The necessity to find a harmony between the inner self and the environment of the wearer. Our dresses are serious, because they have a soul. Always looking for Originality, poetry & aesthetics in shape and Colour, we give you the clothes, to like yourself.

Me time - spring/ summer 1998


Give your life simple outlines and You perceive what is really important:


Space + silence + nature + time = luxury


Simplicity as the noblest form of luxury. A plus to enjoy life with clothes by Cocon Commerz. Very own things require time for their own Combinations. Either in the colours or in the combination of cuts, selfmade compositions are in demand from size 36-46. Partly fairytale, partly Japanese-simple, also onion look or 'Belle Epoque', from waking up to evening wear.

You want to be unique, the very different. We work for the magic of the clothing message.

We have wrinkles - 1997


From time immemorial there is the desire for eternal youth. Always new findings from the aesthetic medicine bring us closer to this dream. That true beauty comes from within should not stop you from helping outwardly. On the contrary, the satisfaction with the external appearance contributes significantly to the well-being. But do you have to go under the surgeon's knife? We say NO! 

Better underline your personality and your natural charisma with our PRIVATSACHEN.

Wrinkles - just a trivial problem or a serious matter?

Mimicry and Mimesis - autumn/ winter 1996


In nature, there is a relentless struggle for existence. That's why the persecuted have their protection against their many enemies. Such protection is possible in a very different way. The Lord has taken care of the flora and fauna - in addition to roaring and shouting for defense, there are all sorts of armor and spiked clothing, the men are defensive and Cocon Commerz takes care of the women. Because beauty has become a duty. The social function of clothing is getting stronger. An eye-catching dress can have a concealing effect, but an unobtrusive effect can be effective. Clothing veils (MIMESIS) the body and reveals (MIMICRY) the personality. Clothing by Cocon Commerz may warn or disguise. It quietly supports the charisma of the wearer.


Curvy individual - spring/ summer 1996


Great women at Cocon Commerz:

Show your TRUE SIZE through the classy materials and generous cuts.

What true size means:

Appearance · Brilliance · Capacity · Content · Context · Courage · Dimension · Extent · Figure · Format · Glory · Importance · Imposing · Influence · Meaning · Power · Prestige · Rank · Reach · Relevance · Reputation · Strength · Substance · Value ... more than just cm

Marlene Dietrich - 1995


Lilith ... Rosenresli ... anti-fashion ... woman moved ... silk-silent ... criticism-client ... what is good ... does not get old ... Beauty ... became obligatory.

In Layers: Nature in the Essence - 1994


the straight line is always the most complicated

dress up with clothes to dress dolls

no consumption, no dictation

play a trip into the blue curling wool stone and flute

small steps big cuts

pin up peep show horse-dress


A Drive into the Blue... - 1993


Lieblau loblau ... blaufuchs ... Knappblau blaufrau ... blaulilie ... Blauvorhabenvorblau ... Blauzig Blautig ... Blaustrrümpfe blaublass ... Nachtblaubau ... Raubblau blaulos ... Blause Blaug ... Blauexistenz ... Verblaut

Looking for the Wideness - 1992


You have the size for our dresses.

come clother - 1991


the dress is its own representative

the baby is my teacher

the customer is approaching ...

I can almost recognize he

and the clothes begin to whisper

Dress-pagan Linen-orphan - 1990


danzig is amber truss and milk carriage

danzig is thank you for your minuteness

danzig is a melancholic handicraft

I can not buy an umbrella in prague

in prague though gray czechs cry a lot

I feel the honest yes

essouira too much for my eye image archive full

essouira tame gecko sells patchouli

Magic Moment - 1989


Eastern contacts / Western businesses

Nivea, Quelle, Burda-Moden

Artist linen - 1988


Canvases to clothes

The birth of the fomorian

Fomorian is a well-dressed

Fomorian is a hermaphrodite

Fomorian is animal and human

Fomorian needs extra clothes

Fomorian wants to get to know each other

Fomorian eats time has itself

Fomorian lives


Self-unfolding - 1987


"The ordinary gives the world its existence, the extraordinary its value." Oskar Wilde

Our extraordinary style is established beyond fashion. In every single part of the collection is a piece of soul of the company Cocon Commerz. We work very private. Pieces of cloth for personalities. We respect beauty in all its forms and do not work for the disenchanted ideal of our modern society, but for the nonconformist self. That's exactly how we work. Very private for you. Affectionate handling of the finest materials and good craftsmanship produce extensive elegance and simplicity. Our clothes are retreat for body + soul. One should not overfeed the self. Only this is perceived as private, which is deep, genuine and independent.

pless too haan - 1986


Middle Ages, my courtly love

It attracts me to the Middle Ages, I wear the exaggerated.

Attraction mi-parti, it attracts me to that vain brazen.

I prefer the image of the dress, attractive dressed attractive.

Recycling - 1985


A tablecloth in the restaurant. A commodity. Strewn with stains, burn holes, scraps of food and wrinkles, it tells its story. All its wounds and marks of daily occupation with people have expression, testify character. To perceive the tablecloth: the beginning of a textile work of art!

The tablecloth, for Cocon Commerz an offer to creativity, imagination, experience. A welcome occasion for a expedition through the seemingly banal and profane, the hidden and consumed.

How does the fabric feel and what feeling is it drawing? which colours does the material offer and which one does it require? where are its typical structures hidden and which ones need to be supplemented? what is its function now and which should it get? which story does the material tell me and what does it associate with the material? Imagination, experience ..?

The tablecloth has lost its original meaning. It only supplies the material as a starting point for a trip into artistic ideas. Experiences and wishes, imagination and creativity, but also craftsmanship point the way!

garment intently applied - 1984


... I paint everything that does not resist, I fold everything that teaches me ... the colours ... the fabrics the shapes ... 

I hope the dreams, I collect, I pile up the wealth and practice the fantastic throw...


birth of the crash scarf